Monday, May 21, 2018

Saved by the Bell

"I want you to spank me 100 times," I said.

Eric took off his reading glasses and looked up from his book, eyebrows cocked, inquisitive.

"What did you say?" he asked, sitting back in the chair.

"I want you to spank me 100 times," I said again, a sense of excitement and anticipation in my voice. "I want to know what it feels like."

Eric laughed.  "Were you not here a few days ago when you could barely take three swats with a hairbrush? What's gotten into you?"

"I think we've been doing this all wrong," I stated. "I've been reading about Abby's maintenance, watching JT's videos, and talking to another wife. 100 is the magic number!  We need at least 100!"

"One hundred," Eric confirmed.  "I think on a bad day, I only spank you twenty or twenty-five times, max!"

"That's what I mean," I squealed, straddling him and wrapping my arms around his neck.  "Please, honey," I begged, feeling him grow beneath my pelvis. "Please spank me 100 times."

We got lost in kisses and one thing led to another. There was no spanking. Not one hundred. Not even one.

Curled up in my husbands arms, I brought it up again.

"Do you think we've been doing it wrong this whole time?"

Eric tucked my hair behind my ear and leaned up against his elbow.

"No, we haven't been doing it wrong," he replied, suddenly distracted by a nipple he couldn't help but pinch.  "We've been doing this for years and everything we do works for us."

I lay back and looked at the ceiling before starting again.  "I know this works for us," I was being serious, "but I want to know what other people do.  I want to know what 100 feels like too."

Eric laughed.  "Okay," he said, kissing my cheeks and tracing hearts along my belly. "but be careful what you ask for, Amy Lynn. If you really want to do this, I'm not going to have you back out a quarter of the way through.  You're going to have to take the full 100."

I jumped up.

"Yes!" I yelped, sliding to the floor and bending over the bed.  "Go for it!" I encouraged, adding, "and start the count over if I move."

Just then the phone rang.  Eric sighed and picked it up.  Work invaded once again.

"You were saved by the bell, my dear," he said, reaching for his clothes and preparing to hole up in his office for the rest of the evening.  "You have until tomorrow night to change your mind, young lady," Eric warned.  "then we'll see if curiosity killed the cat."



Sunday, May 20, 2018

It's the Little Things

The little things have been chipping away at the deliciousness of life.  Late night meetings, unexpected stress inducers, and disgruntled nastiness not between us but surrounding us.  I mentioned, mid-week, that this would never get better unless and until we made the effort to change it.

"Who cares about all of the crap around us? Yes, to the extent that we can't damage our careers, livelihood, and responsibilities, of course, but at what cost? We need to stay close and strong and healthy.  Whether we work ourselves to death or take breaks and stay sane, the battles at our jobs will always be there. We need to put our relationship ahead of the things that piece by piece destroy us."

Eric didn't disagree and I half expected him to book the next flight to Hawaii for ten days in the sand. Instead, he continued to put us on the back burner and jump through hoops to manage the madness being thrown at him. Or so I thought...

The little things have been adding to the deliciousness of life.

Eric had another insane day on Wednesday.  He texted halfway through, "I want to spank you."  This wasn't about anything I had done but more about what he needed.  Of all things, I could barely handle that spanking and it wasn't even a hard one.  I was wimpy woo-butt and we both ended up laughing about what a wuss I had become beneath a hairbrush that used to clear my mind. Eric brushed my hair and then over his knee I went. We both found peace with a lovely hand spanking.

Thursday, I was told to lie naked on the bed and spread my legs, ten minutes before Eric was heading to a late night meeting.  Kisses on my inner thighs, his tongue dancing in, out, and around those spaces that make me grasp the sheets and gasp in waves of pleasure.  When I came, Eric held me tighter than ever, his face beaming as he showered me with love.  Short on time, I had spoken up rather than being a silent partner.  He was thrilled and I was to the moon.

Friday Eric was out the door long before I had to leave so I decided to start my day with a hot bubble bath.  I used up the last of my favorite soap, grapefruit scented Gloomaway, and thought about how refreshing it was to relax in the morning.  Going to brush my teeth, I opened the cabinet and there, on the shelf, was a replacement bottle left by a man who pays attention. Aww. Eric!

Saturday I had to work most of the day.  Everything was chugging along and then I heard the door open and looked up to see who was coming in from across the room.  It was Eric!  Completely unexpected and unplanned, my husband just dropped by to say hello. I was glowing, butterflies and smiles like a school girl with a crush. I ended up working three extra hours simply because I was flying high.

What I've learned this week is the little things add up and become big things in life.  It is our choice, to focus on the sour tasting drama and allow it to chip away and bit by bit destroy us. Or, it is our choice to extend and savor the sweet little things that keep us bouncing through the clouds, partaking in the deliciousness of it all.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Good Soldier

This week started off badly for my husband. Eric is a good soldier.  He is punctual, follows directions, and plays by the rules.  He's squared away with a buck fifty in the bank and a head full of facts and figures that keep us all safe and secure.  There is a sense of trust and calm that he brings to the table which allows me to breathe easy, knowing that at the end of the day, there is a man in this world who would move heaven and earth just to see me smile. 

Unfortunately, Eric doesn't always control said world and there are people on the planet who take advantage of such a good man. At work this week, he was once again being a good soldier but that meant putting everything aside in order to deal with unreasonable, unrealistic, and unfair.  And by "putting everything aside", I mean his health, his sanity, and us.  Frustrated, overtired, and stressed, I looked at the man who owns my heart and wondered, at what cost?

Taking a step in the pool of his mind, I realized how little Eric does without considering the weight of responsibility and commitment to others that rides on his shoulders.  Always two steps ahead, his corporate ladder supports those on his team from the top of the company, down.  At home, he has his family, friends, extended family, and others who he tends to and cares for.  The house, the yard, the cars, the timeliness of things, he is that guy.

I love Eric, wholeheartedly. I want my husband to enjoy, experience, and explore anything and everything that he wants in life but it's hard to find even a moment to ask, what do you need, my love? I'm here and I'm asking.  After all, I'd move heaven and earth for that guy too.