Monday, September 18, 2017

Thirty four hours and sixteen minutes

I'm singin'

And prancin'

There's dancin'

Gettin' to



Eric will be home in

34 hours and 16 minutes 





10 days of heavenly bliss.

Woo hoo!!!


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Your Side of the Bed

I slid over to your side of the bed
and wrapped my body around your pillow
a cool patch of sheet beneath my skin
cold and naked without you there

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Book? Paddle? Gift?

The spanking inventory seems to have aided in lifting my spirits.  I'm lighter today, even though Eric packed his bags once more and is traveling until next week.  Rather than sit at home pouting, I tried some good old fashioned shopping therapy and bought Remarkable Creatures to read while he is gone. Meredith had mentioned it in one of her posts. At the bookstore, I decided to surprise my husband and got him one of the latest John Grisham novels, a hefty hardback of 373 pages, to keep him entertained on the planes.

When Eric came home for lunch and to pick up his suitcase, I had the book wrapped in yesterdays newsprint with a heart shaped card cut out of red construction paper tucked inside the front cover. I wrote something corny about completing our inventory when I track down those three missing paddles and figured he'd use my note as a bookmark and a reminder to finish our task.

Eric is a squared away, solid, distinguished, intelligent businessman but put a present in front of him and the hands of time tick backwards at record speed. He's suddenly a child again.

"Can I open it now?" he beamed, eyes bright and sparkling.

I gave a nod but before I was even halfway through the motion, the paper was on the floor, the card had fallen out of the book and under the table, and Eric was leaning in for a kiss.

"Thank you Sweet Pea," he said, puckering up.  "You really shouldn't have."

I got on my hands and knees to retrieve his card but as I reached for it, Eric very sternly said, "Don't you move Amy Lynn."

My hand pulled back and I steadied myself as he raised my dress above my waist, exposing my panties.

"You - just - had - to - buy - the - hardback - didn't - you?" he asked, each word being accentuated with a loud hard smack from the book.  (Check it out next time you're in an airport, library, or bookstore.  That novel easily doubles as a full blown paddle!)

I lurched forward and grabbed the note when he finished and taking the book from his hands, placed my card back inside.

"Are you mad at me for real?" I asked, rubbing my right cheek, which seemed to have taken the bulk of the spanking.

Eric shook his head.

"Of course not," he answered.  "I love the gift."

Then he passionately kissed me and slapped my backside one last time, giving it a squeeze before pulling away.

"You do own a library card, though," he scolded, tucking the book in his bag.

We walked to the door and said our good-byes and though I was focused on the farewell, my mind was suddenly flooded with thoughts of PK's latest post, "Do you tell on yourself?".  I believed I always do, but for whatever reason I couldn't bring myself to mention the other book I'd bought.

Well, at least it was a paperback!